Stopping At Stop Signs And Red Lights

Some people are not sure if bike riders need to stop at stops signs and traffic lights.  

  1. Stop signs and signals direct both drivers and bicyclists to stop, look around, wait their turn, and decide who goes next.  
    When you see a Yield sign, it has already been decided that other people should go first and you should go when it is safe to do so.
  2. We usually see stop signs and traffic signals at intersections. These are the places where most crashes happen. You will see stop signs on smaller streets and traffic signals on bigger streets.
  3. The best way is to stop at either a red light or stop sign is to put your foot down because it makes it clear to everyone that you are stopping. 
  • While making a complete stop is the safest action to take, you may see that some car drivers and bike riders don’t stop or even slow down at red lights or stop signs. Before you enter an intersection, be sure that the other road users are also stopping and see you.
  • When you see a Yield sign it is telling you that you should let others go before you so that everyone can get safely where they are going.