Devices and Earbuds

Most middle and high school students carry phones or other devices. In California it is legal to ride with one earbud/Airpod in, but not both. This way, you can still hear and be alert to what is happening around you.

On a bike, you use your hands for steering, shifting, signaling, stopping, and more. If you are trying to hold your phone to call or text while biking and hit a road hazard (like a pothole) you could crash. If you aren’t focused on the traffic around you including car drivers, other bike riders, pets, or people walking around you, you could crash. Don’t hold your phone or let yourself be distracted by your phone when you are riding. If you must ride with a phone, there are different products or ways to safely mount your phone to your handlebars, as long as your parents give you permission to do so.

Dealing with our own desire to reach for our devices is something we all have to figure out to stay safe. It is not easy. You will see many distracted car drivers, bike riders, and people walking (pedestrians). If you try to make eye contact and notice that they are not paying attention, be prepared to choose your best, safest option, like not entering an intersection or starting to cross a street.