Here is a video about what to keep in mind when locking your bike.

Take a look at the different ways the bikes in the diagram below are locked. Notice how the frame and wheels are secured. Usually, the rear wheel is more expensive to replace than the front wheel, so be sure to lock the rear with your high-quality U-lock and consider getting a cable to secure the front.

There are also theft-resistant kits you can add to your bike which makes parts harder to steal. Many kits like the one below are for the front and rear wheels and replace quick-release levers with skewers that require a special key.

Besides locking your bike, you register it for free at bikeindex.org. Here is a video describing how to do it.

To register your bike, you will have to record the model, size, color, and serial number. Here is an explanation of how to find your serial number from the folks at bikeindex.org.

Pro Tip: Besides locking, securing and registering your bike, if your family has a renter’s or homeowners’ insurance policy, you can list your bike and possibly get insurance money to help replace it if it gets stolen. As your family about adding your bike to their insurance policy.