Sidewalks and Multi-Use Paths

Bike riders should avoid biking on sidewalks because people are traveling at pedestrian (slower) speeds, but there may be times when you decide to use the sidewalk, especially on busy or high-speed streets like Alma, El Camino, Middlefield Rd. and University Avenue. In these situations thoughtfully share the space with people walking. Slow down or get off and walk if the path is too narrow to share or to let someone pass you. When you walk your bike you become a pedestrian too. Communicate with respect toward other people on the sidewalk if you would like to pass and there is space.
Here is a crossing in Cornelius Bol Park in Palo Alto. What steps would you take to navigate on this multi-use path? Would you take the road instead?

3 tips for sharing space with pedestrians (walkers).

  1. Pay attention, ride slowly, and yield to pedestrians.
  2. Give an audible signal when you would like to pass, then be sure to do a shoulder check to be sure it is clear before moving left to pass.
  3. Return to the road when you are able and leave the sidewalk area or path area just for walkers.
  4. Slow down at every intersection to make sure there are no right turning drivers.