Trauma-Informed bicycle education in San Francisco, CA and online classes
Jason Serafino-Agar

Welcome to My name is Jason and I support parents who want to get their family biking, individuals who want to ride with confidence, and organizations that want to offer bicycle programming. 

  • I offer in-person trauma-informed lessons in San Francisco and online classes to help US based riders bike more place more often. You can learn more at my Services page.
  • I offer Online Courses which listed below.

Online Courses


Bikes & Bricks Smart Biking

This ages 8+ class will prepare you (and your children) for great biking in the time of COVID. Created by Sonia Elkes of Bike San Carlos.


Radical Monarchs & Bicis Del Pueblo

Remote Training Program


Palo Alto Unified School District – Getting To High School


Less Stress – Teach Your Child To Ride

A smoother way to teach someone to learn to ride a bike. Learn to glide without pedals, then add the pedals back on.


Palo Alto Unified School District – Biking To Middle School

What People Say about SF based training...

I took my very first bike lesson with Jason this past weekend and it was awesome! I'm currently in my early 30s and havent rode a bike (bike had training wheels) since I was in grade school. Basically, I had to learn how to ride a bike again. It was such a thrill to get on that bike and feel like a kid again. The feeling was rejuvenating and incredible. Jason is very patient and thorough with his instructions and gives great tips and advice on how to ride a bike safely. He does a great job of fostering a positive and comfortable learning environment. If your interested in learning how to ride a bike I highly recommend taking your lessons with Jason. Thanks again Jason!
Wow - what a great class for my 4 year old! I had watched all of Jason's videos online and understood the basics of how to teach my kid to ride a balance bike, but having an experienced teacher like Jason to help him was a much better idea. We met up at a nearby school playground with lots of space to coast around, and by the end of the lesson - my kid was nearly ready to try a pedal bike! Jason came with several bikes and helmets for everyone in the class, and also helped us adjust my kid's helmet to be the most protective (which had also been hard for me to figure out from online instructions). Before the class ended, Jason took plenty of time to make sure that I understood the next few skills that my kid needed to learn before using a pedal bike and what he needed to practice. My kid is very excited about riding now! Thanks Jason!
Vanda K.
We recently had a "learn to ride" lesson for our 6 year old with Jason, and as others in the group have said, he's a fantastic teacher. He is super patient and really connected with our daughter (who tends to be shy with new adults), encouraging her progress and even teaching her some mindfullness techniques along the way. My husband and I trying to teach her to ride her bike had not gone well in the past. But yesterday, she did it!! I really can't recommend Jason enough.
I'm surprised Jason doesn't have more reviews because he's amazing! I was looking for someone to teach my 9yr old how to ride a bike after his dad and I had all but given up on turning him into a rider. We'd tried everything, watched numerous youtube videos etc. but just couldn't get him cycling. We eventually found Jason via a google search and I reached out to him on his website. He responded promptly, gave me some advice and suggestions and then booked my son for a 2hr lesson. I arrived with low expectations and was impressed that Jason was on time and fully kitted out. He started out by teaching my son how to wear his helmet correctly and then immediately dived in to the lesson, using a technique that I found to be pretty uncomplicated and easy for my son to understand. Within an hour, my son was peddling confidently, and by the end of the lesson, he had learned some basic gear skills and we couldn't get him off the bike. Jason - thank you so much for your kindness, your patience and your gentle nature! Highly recommend.
Miss M.

Organizational Partnerships