"Share something beautiful - share bicycling."

Jason Serafino-Agar

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in San Francisco


Instead of daily traffic jams, imagine something different.  Imagine moving your body, releasing endorphins and smiling more.


Imagine interacting with the places you live, work and play in at a speed slow enough to notice the fine details and for deeper conversations to emerge.


Bike Parking is easier to find than car parking. It’s awesome. Your life will never be the same.


Not being the biggest or more powerful wheeled vehicle on the road means you can easily fit in smaller places, use less energy, and encourages communication skills.  All great skills to bring to the other areas of life.


to lead your family

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League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor (LCI #1233)
Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr


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is priceless

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Jason is a great guy and a gentle teacher. He welcomed my daughter and me to our lesson and had even brought some equipment for her to use- a bike and helmet. The system he uses is straightforward and allows learners to quickly feel successful so that they continue to practice and increase their skills. The children are allowed to work at their own pace and in their own way to master the skills they each need to work on. Even in a group, the students are seen as individuals which I really appreciated. I highly recommend Jason and mybikeskills.com for any beginning or intermediate bike rider wanting to learn the basics or improve on their skills. Jason even teaches how to take care of your bike and was really helpful in the process of finding an appropriate bike for my daughter. Devon
Allows learners to quickly feel successful,
Our children were doing well on their balance bikes but were ready for the next steps. Jason set up a great obstacle course with real-world biking challenges, gave great group instructions, and worked with our kids individually to get them going. From adjusting the fit of the bike, to supportive guidance, our kids were engaged and excited to learn about how to bike confidently in an urban environment beyond the playground.  - Chad, father of twins
Our Kids Were Engaged and Excited,
I had been working with my daughter to help her learn how to ride a bike - training wheels, guiding her along while holding her up, etc.  All the things you aren't supposed to do!  We took her to Jason's fun, easy going class and within 30 minutes she was happily pedaling along without training wheels!  I would highly recommend Jason as an easy going teacher who relates well to kids, and his love of biking shines through. Todd
Happily Pedaling Along,

Nap Happy


There’s a new bike in our lives.  Here’s a video description. It solves a number of issues from, hills, to kids falling asleep/going limp to navigating train station elevators.  Xtracycle already has a 24″ wheeled version called the Cargo Node....
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Way back in 1997 I worked for Bike Friday doing customer service. It was a truly amazing year I spent there working with customers, learning about lean manufacturing and bicycle fabrication. Since then I’ve ridden a Bike Friday folding bike...
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