Bike To Surf – Lower Carbon Living

People have been riding bicycles to go surfing for years. I did this often when I lived closer to the beach. Now I live father away and I’ve been driving for to go surfing for the longest time with regret. My regret was that I have been destroying the ocean and my children’s future by contributing to ocean acidification and our global climate crisis by driving to surf. I know, such a downer! And, yet, there is an alternative. Many people are already doing it, and I hope this helps more people take on small actions that make a difference. For my new practice, I was inspired by Chris Grow’s “The Wire” podcast episode with Kevin Whilden and the work of Sea Trees in offsetting carbon emissions. Whidren says that if anyone can make a lower-carbon life look interesting, it’s surfers. My goal is to do much better than carbon neutral for myself and my family. Sea Trees makes that easy in one way, you can pay them to plant mangrove trees to offset your flight or regular carbon-producing activities. It’s really easy.

See the video of my adventure below.

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  1. It’s great, you inspired me. I also want to contribute to reducing carbon for the environment, I love to ride my bike every trip to help clean up the city, and sure enough, I will learn how to do the same with the marine environment. Thanks for your sharing.

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