What Did You Think About?

In our next section, we will answer some of those questions, as well as some of the most common questions that 5th graders have about biking to school.
Did you wonder about:

  1. How will biking to school feel next year?
  2. Is it ok to ride through stop signs?
  3. What will I be carrying on my bike to school?
  4. Will I be biking with my friends?
  5. When are you supposed to walk your bike?
  6. How can I get a light to turn green?
  7. Where will I park my bike?

We will answer these questions in “Top 4 Fabulous Skills for Biking to Middle School and Beyond”, however
before then, let’s share what we know already. You may have had these lessons back in 3rd grade during the three lesson “Bicycle Life Skills Curriculum” that included the Bike Rodeo. If you weren’t attending your school in the third grade then maybe school leaders or parents have shared this information with you.