What’s with the name, mybikeskills?

What’s with the name? Mybikeskills… I mean, “my bikes kills! … just saying said a commenter long ago” and I honestly hadn’t thought of that word combination until then. In the spirit of Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset work, I wanted to communicate that we all have the potential to learn a skill. When we do, we change what is possible in our lives. We then have more to offer to those around us, and then to the larger world. We have real questions of human survival to face and make in the near term and I am a firm believer that people who don’t practice create really bad policies for the rest of us. AKA, the more people who know what it means to ride a bike, the better community decisions will be made for all of us. As for the name, it’s far from perfect, but I’m going to work with it for the foreseeable future. I know the point isn’t to collect the most bike skills, although it’s fun to learn. Instead, my goal is to support parents and individuals in sharing transformational experiences and adventures together.
Here’s a photo of 2 people playfully exploring by bike in front of Nerinna Valera‘s skillful camera.

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