I offer Learn to Ride-a-bike, road readiness, and on-road training in the San Francisco Bay Area. I offer independent Consulting for organizations, businesses and local governments.  Online Classes coming in 2017.

Learn to Ride
Learning to ride a bike is an individual rite of passage that opens up worlds of possibilities. Parents, here’s a video I did to help you take the stress out of teaching your child to ride.  The process works for any age person learning to ride and is easier, more intuitive, and faster than using training wheels or holding onto the rider methods. Ready to get rolling? Book my spot with Jason!

Road Readiness Training
If you and your family/friends are already rolling – Congratulations! If you are ready to let go of the pain of loading and unloading bikes on the car to go for a ride.  Maybe you already confidently ride on your own, but wonder how to prepare your child, friend or family member?  Before you ever get on the road, I offer road skills training to get everyone ready to ride on local streets.  You’ll have the skills and confidence to go to work, school and more…by bike. Book my spot with Jason!

Family Neighborhood Ride
Put all your skills together in this starter ride. We’ll start with a review of crucial skills and drills, then head out to a fun destination during a 2-4 mile ride.  Book my spot with Jason!


There’s a new bike in our lives.  Here’s a video description. It solves a number of issues from, hills, to kids falling asleep/going limp to navigating train station elevators.  Xtracycle already has a 24″ wheeled version called the Cargo Node....
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Way back in 1997 I worked for Bike Friday doing customer service. It was a truly amazing year I spent there working with customers, learning about lean manufacturing and bicycle fabrication. Since then I’ve ridden a Bike Friday folding bike...
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